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"The very art of intimacy is to lay ones self bare. Not bare of clothes in a sense, but bare of pre conceptions, bare of the faces that we provide to the outside world. Intimacy is allowing somebody to know your deepest, darkest insecurities. Intimacy is to become aware of somebody’s weakest point, yet never being tempted to use it against them."
~ spiritualpoet

I want to be intimate with you
and I was
so many times
I can't remember how many..
I wandered
through so many corners
of my soul
invisible to our eyes
searching for yours
and found more of you
than I expected..
but they are places of you
I have never been
places visible only
with our hands or lips..
and sometimes in the lonely nights
I am longing
for the undiscovered landscapes
of you..
none of my three ships -
nor Nina, nor Pinta nor Santa Maria
led me to them..
maybe I didn't had
the appropriate wessel
so missed the aim
but I always wanted just you
and no America

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